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Aggie Recycling Center Building

NMSU has developed a recycling program to comply with The State of New Mexico’s mandate for all institutions of higher education to divert 25 percent of their waste.  Aggie Recycling is an integrated solid waste management program focused on recycling, reduction, and improved handling of campus-generated solid wastes.



Recycling Services

Aggie Recycling employee inspects paper before it is bailedImplementation of a comprehensive recycling effort has resulted in substantial amounts of paper, metal, and organic materials being diverted from the campus waste stream.  Aggie Recycling provides the following services:

  • Containers for the collection of recyclables
  • Weekly pick-ups
  • Special pickups as needed
  • Drop-offs accepted
  • (Recycling Center located across from the Bookstore Warehouse)
  • Organics Recycling

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