Recyclable Materials

The following is a list of recycling containers found on campus and the materials that go into them.

Clear Stream

  • Plastic #1 (water, soda bottles, etc.)
  • Aluminum Cans

White Paper

  • Paper with black ink print from printers, fax machines, and copy machines.

Colored Mix Paper

  • Paper with color ink print from printers, fax machines, and copy machines
  • Paper of Any Color
  • Mail and Junk Mail
  • Cereal boxes, cardboard CD casings, frozen food boxes, etc.
  • Post-It Notes
  • Note Cards
  • Maps
  • Drawings
  • Posters
  • Notebook Paper
  • Recyclable Gift Wrapping


  • Newspaper (The Roundup, New York Times, USA Today, Wallstreet Journal, etc.)


  • Magazine
  • Phonebooks
  • Catalogs
  • Textbooks


Corrugated cardboard can be placed near any recycling container for pick up.  If you have a large amount of corrugated cardboard please submit a Work Order Request to have the material picked up from your department. Cardboard such as cereal boxes should be placed into the Colored Mix Paper container, because they can be recycled into paper.